Fitness Questions I Get Asked…

Being a fitness expert, people often ask me various health questions.  I get tired of answering the same ones over and over so below are the usual questions I get asked:

If you exercise to drop weight and get thinner. Can you burn much more calories doing light cardiovascular work than very heavy lifting, should you simply stick to the treadmill?

While cardiovascular physical activity is a fantastic way of burning the fat, adding a little strength exercise to your workouts will earn you additional calories each day. You’ll even be burning additional calories while you’re sleeping or resting on the sofa viewing TV.

Aerobic exercise might burn a few hundred additional calories for dinner, however for every additional pound of muscle you acquire, your body consumes around 50 additional calories each day of the week.

Research study has revealed that regular resistance exercise can enhance your Basal Metabolic Rate by up to 15%. So for someone burning 2000 calories daily, that’s a prospective 300 additional calories, more than a Mars bar, burned each and every single day.

Do not be discouraged if initially you seem to be remaining at the very same weight or gaining slightly.

Muscle weighs more for each square inch than fat, so while your weight might not be dropping really rapidly, your outfits are really feeling baggier and also you are actually seeing a much healthier, slimmer and better toned you in the mirror. That’s far more important than anything those nasty scales have to say, any time.

Is weight training right for ladies? I enjoyed Terminator, but being 5ft2 and female I’m unsure Arnie’s muscles would look right on me.

Weight training is simply as appropriate for women as it is for males. Numerous women are careful of taking it up for fear that increased muscle implies increased masculinity, this is not the case.

Testosterone is an essential consider the development of muscle shape, so as women have very low levels of this hormone their muscles develop differently, implying a little resistance training will not result in a bulky, butch physique.

But if you wish to get serious in weightlifting, you can improve your strength considerably.  The page ( goes over one particular accessory.  These are weightlifting belt which you will find useful if you aim to lift heavy weights.

How can weightlifting make me much healthier?

Recent research study has actually revealed that weight (or resistance) training can greatly decrease a number of health risks.

It has been shown to have a positive affect on insulin resistance, resting metabolic process, high blood pressure, body fat and gastrointestinal transit time, aspects that are linked to health problems such as diabetes, heart illness and cancer.Click here to edit.

My Very First Post

Hello there, this is my first post to the bog. Allow me ot introduce myself. People call me Sporticus.  I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor with many years of experience of keeping fit.  I hope that you can find some useful information here to help you have a fitter and healthier life.